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Yep, I’m Making A Video Game

Hi all.

Last week marked the official start of my indie game development! I’d tried my hand at an earlier game back in 2013, but for my first development, it was way too ambitious, and quickly overwhelmed me.

This time around, I’ve carefully planned each and every step. Rather than make a desktop game, I decided the mobile route is the easier one to take.

The goal is to launch on January 1st, 2015. Come September, the entire game will be structured. Then comes the art, the soundtrack (made by a good friend of mine), followed by an open beta (you’ll want in on that, trust me), and finally – the launch.

Here’s an early look at the structure of a level:

World 2 Level 2_Alpha.png

(Note that the Watermelon slice is just a place-holder.)

As you can see, it’s basically gobbledy-gook…for now. The game itself is a maze, and I’ll share more information on the game’s purpose in later updates.

I’ll be launching the

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